Beat The Heat-Ice Cream Paw-rty!

beattheheatThis past weekend, we held our first annual Beat the Heat-Ice Cream Paw-rty for Dogs! It was a beautiful sunny day in Hilo, perfect for the dogs to stop by Aloha Pawz and get their sweet treat and relax in the shade. As our four-legged guests arrived, they had a few options before we made their ice cream bowl- Maple Bacon or Peanut Butter ice cream, which topping- beef sprinkles or chicken sprinkles. Many of our customers caught on that our beef & chicken sprinkles were our freeze dried Stella & Chewy’s meal mixers that is used as food or a food topper.

The ice cream is from Puppy Scoops, a lactose fee ice cream that can be purchased in an ice cream cup just for your dog. Once you take home the (unfrozen) ice cream, you can mix the powder with water inside the ice cream cup it comes in, and then freeze…. after 5 hours, voilà, it’s ready to eat. A great human treat made for dogs to enjoy.

This was a free event for our community’s doggies and it was so nice to see everyone enjoying themselves and hanging with other dog families after all of their dogs were ice cream-wasted.

We’re planning on making this an annual event, and look forward to hosting another Beat the Heat-Ice Cream Paw-rty next year!

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