Loose Leash Training Seminar!

IMG_20180803_102734_715During the early evening of August 2nd, we joined Dawn Goehring and Buddy from Animal Biz Behavior and Training for our very first Loose Leash Training seminar! Dawn is Hawai’i’s only certified behavior consultant and has dedicated over twenty-four years to helping owners succeed with their dogs. She is truly committed to teaching owners and keeping the bond between them and their dogs alive and well! We had a wonderful turnout and we were excited to be able to reach out to members of our community to share the valuable information she has to offer! At the seminar, we learned that your dog’s world is run by scent and that each walk is like taking a trip to Disneyland. It’s exciting and new! However, this can turn what is supposed to be a fun and relaxing activity for the both of you into a stressful and chaotic one.  Dawn and Buddy carefully demonstrated the importance of having good communication between owner and dog. Together, they showed us how practicing different walking exercises and combining them with a tasty reward can help keep your dog focused on you, rather than the outside world. She noted that through time, patience, and consistency your dog will learn to walk beside you rather than pull you down the street.

Here are a few walking exercises from Dawn that you can use to help make walking on leash fun!

  • The magic spot”: Place a treat (not random drop.. put down) next to your foot and walk ahead as your dog is eating it. When your dog catches up to you, place another and repeat. After several repetitions, do not place a treat at foot and see if you dog looks up to you for it. Then reinforce that attention.
  • “Check in”: Allow your dog to sniff (just not pull) and stand still and wait for check in (look to you). Reinforce each look at you. Try on a long leash (20-30 ft) of giving your dog some choice to see environment and when your dog looks at you high value reinforcer. You will find your dog chooses to keep close and check in often.
  • “Hand target”/”by my side”: Teach your dog to follow your fist and that it opens often to reinforce the dog’s attention on it. Start by walking backwards and eventually you will pivot to the side and your dog ends up at your side. Randomly reinforce this. Eventually you can call this “by my side” and use as a sort of heel position.
  • “Sit/Step”: Start with one step at a time. Step=reward, step=reward, etc. then 2 step=reward, 2 step =reward.. etc
  • “One step forward/two steps back”: If your dog pulls towards something, use your let’s go and move away. Take 2 steps backward and then start moving forward again. Let your dog realize that if they want something they cannot pull you to get it.
  • “Speed and slow walking”: Teach them a cue for walking fast and walking slow. Make it a game.
  • Keep engaged!!! Pay attention to your dog on walks. When you check out on your phone your dog learns to pay more attention to the environment.

Mahalo nui loa to Dawn and to everyone who attended the seminar! See you at the next one!




2nd Annual Beat the Heat Ice Cream Paw-rty!

DSC04928On Sunday, July 29th, we threw our 2nd Annual Beat the Heat Ice Cream Paw-rty! We made ice cream sundaes that were the bark of the town! Our Puppy Scoops ice cream by Puppy Cake topped with some Stella & Chewy’s Chicken Meal Mixers had pups drooling and begging for more…even after the brain freeze! This year’s paw-rty was our biggest turn out! Dogs from all over the island came out to play with new and old furry friends and give out slobbery ice cream kisses to anyone who asked for one! Dogs took over the Manono Market Place and even visitors waiting for tables at the nearby restaurants made their way over to pet and love on all the the furry members of our Big Island ohana! Mahalo nui loa to all who attended and we cannot wait till next year’s ice cream paw-rty!




Hawai’i Island LGBTQ Pride Parade and Festival


Last Saturday, July 30, we celebrated love and diversity at the Hawai’i Island LGBTQ Pride Parade and festival! We had an amazing time meeting all the loving pride pups and their parents! There were so many people and pride puppies dressed up and looking fabulous for the parade and festival that we could not stop smiling until the event came to an end!  We sold our super cute pride cookies from Bubba Rose, treated some special pups to our Polka Dog Alaskan Cod Skins, and shared our mission and dedication to a better nutrition for your pets! This was our first pride event that we attended, and it was so rewarding to be able to celebrate this year’s pride festival theme “Love Activates;” a theme that captures how love has driven people to stand up and call for action. Thinking back to the celebration we realized that love has such fluidity that even our pets despite their owner’s race, religion, sexual orientation or gender are able to show an infinite amount of love, loyalty, and compassion. This is a lesson that we all can learn from. After all, the love of a pet is one of life’s greatest gifts!





Coping With Fireworks Dog Training Seminar


On Wednesday, June 27th, we hosted Dawn Goehring of Animal Biz Behavior and Training to help teach our Aloha Pawz ohana how to help their pets cope with fireworks during the Fourth of July! Dawn has been teaching owners for twenty-four years on how to positively train their dogs. We had a wonderful turnout and we were excited to be able to reach out to members of the community to share the valuable information Dawn has for dog owners. Together we discussed the importance of showing love and compassion to our pups during these stressful times. By providing treats, toys, and play we learned that our pups will be able to relax and stay focused on activities that make the tails wag instead of hide in fear! Dawn also taught us about counter conditioning. Counter conditioning is a method to help positively train our dogs inpreparation of loud noises like fireworks or gunshots. By using low recorded noises and rewarding them  after with high value food or treats our pups will be able to associate something tasty with scary noises instead of with fear. It was so rewarding to be able to hear about other pets and the similar problems we all share when holidays like the Fourth of July come along. This was just the start of a new series of behavior seminars we will be having at the store! Stay tuned for more!

Here are a few other tips we learned from Dawn to help you and your pet cope with the Fourth of July! 

  • Try to keep your pets safe inside during firework times. However, if your pet is crate or kennel trained make sure they are in a secure area to keep them from being able to run away or injure themselves.
  • Leave the t.v. or radio on at normal noise level to help cover up loud noises, give them their favorite toy to distract them from the outside world.
  • If you are able to prepare in advance! Counter condition your pets by using low volume recorded noises and a very delicious treat to help your pet positively associate loud noises with a reward!  
  • Timing is important! Make sure they receive a treat AFTER they hear or react to the noise.
  • Exercise and tire out your pet during the day before firework times. Take them to their favorite place to walk or play in your yard until the sun goes down!
  • Take your time! Be patient with your pet and don’t forget to show them love. Help them relax with hugs, kisses, or massages to the body and ears.
  •  Holistic healing methods are a great way to help calm anxiety in your pets! Stop by Aloha Pawz and check out our anti anxiety section where we have Thunder Shirts, calming collars and sprays, as well as CBD rich oil and treats. All of our products are safe and easy for you and your pets to use!
  • Consult with your vetinarian if you think pharmaceuticals might be a better option for your pet. No one knows your pet’s health better than their doctor!

Mahalo nui loa to Dawn and to everyone who attended Wednesday’s night seminar. We can’t wait to see you at the next one!



Parade of Paws

On Saturday, May 27th, we took part in the third annual Parade of Paws. Hosted by Rainbow Friends Animal Sanctuary at Liliuokalani Gardens in Hilo, this event gave us the opportunity to connect with the community and meet plenty of new furry faces. It was so rewarding to be able to engage with all the caring animal lovers of the Big Island while promoting our passion for healthy pet food!Between our new paw-shaped doggy pool and sampling our single ingredient treate-Polka Dog cod skins, and Salmon chips, along with Poi Dog ahi jerky, and pork jerky we we’re seeing nothing but happy doggies all around. It was heartwarming to see all the adoptable dogs get so much attention, just like the adoption events we hold right in front of our store for Rainbow Friends every second Saturday of each month. The agility course was also a big hit with the canines! Rainbow Friends did a great job making a fundraising event feel like a paw-rty!

Mahalo to everyone that came out and had a good time with us!


Pet Evacuation Resources

PetEvacuationLeilaniLavaFlowIf you are one of the many people affected by the volcanic eruptions in Leilani Estates and you own pets, this information could be useful. As the lava flow spreads and even more fissures develop, Pahoa Community Center is offering shelter for pets (inside carriers) and their owners.

At Aloha Pawz we will be taking Crate donations!!
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Raw Food in Hawaii


Are you searching for an alternative to dry kibble and canned food for your pet? Look no further because we have several raw and organic options to satisfy your animal’s appetite.

There are many benefits to making the switch to a raw food diet. One of the common reasons why pet owners decide to change their dog’s diet is allergies. [Read more…]

Merrie Monarch Pet Stop


Merrie Monarch – a celebration of hula an Hawaiian arts – begins on Sunday, April 1st and lasts through Saturday, April 7th! Whether you’re visiting from afar or enjoying the festivities in your own neighborhood, we have a vast array of local products for your canine and feline friends!

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