April Aloha Ilio Adoption Event

IMG_2269Every third Saturday of the month we host Aloha Ilio at the store for an adoption event which is always very exciting for everyone involved. The amazing Aloha Ilio volunteers are always ready to answer any questions that you might have as well as being able to accurately describe a dogs personality since all the dogs are in foster homes and not at a shelter. With this event two dogs were adopted and were able to go to their forever homes!  Just this past March Aloha Ilio became an official not-profit organization, so congratulations and thank you Aloha Ilio for all that you do for the dogs of the Big Island.
Mahalo from the entire Aloha Pawz team

Have you seen our newest newsletter?

Merrie Monarch Madness Our most recent newsletter is all about Merrie Monarch and the local goodies that you can find at Aloha Pawz! This is our very first Merrie Monarch and we are very excited to be celebrating with everyone. Many of the items we do carry year round, but items like our Doggie Leis are something special that we brought in especially for Merrie Monarch. Check out the newsletter to get a sneak peek into what we are carrying at the store! Merrie Monarch Newsletter

Aloha Pawz Donation Station

IMG_1450New at Aloha Pawz is our Donation Station! Ever feel guilty about buying a new collar or toy for your dog or cat knowing that they already have a perfectly good one? Get a food that your pet just refuses to eat? Well you can relieve any guilt or waste by donating the gently used items and knowing that a dog or cat in need will greatly benefit from it. [Read more…]

Barking, Chewing, and Jumping Seminar

IMG_1341IMG_1353IMG_1349      On Thursday February 25th we had our free monthly dog training seminar hosted by Dawn Goehring of Animal Biz. This months seminar was all about barking, chewing, and jumping as well as how to positively train you dog to stop these unwanted behaviors and how to teach the correct behavior instead. We learned the importance of mentally exhausting our dogs, how to stop our dogs from eating unwanted items, as well as how to avoid your arm from becoming your dogs next chew toy. Keep an eye out on any of our social media pages to find out what the upcoming seminar topic will be on! Mahalo to everyone who came to the seminar!!

Another Successful Adoption Event with Aloha Ilio!

IMG_1218_2         IMG_1233

We just wrapped up another very successful adoption event with Aloha Ilio on Saturday February 20, 2016 with SEVEN dogs being adopted! That is a record for our Aloha Pawz location, and we can’t wait until next month where hopefully we can help even more dogs find their forever homes. We host these adoption events every third saturday of the month, so if you missed it this month, there is always next month.

Mahalo to everyone that came out as well and those that helped with the event!

For more information on Aloha Ilio visit their Facebook  or  website for more details.