Coping With Fireworks Dog Training Seminar


On Wednesday, June 27th, we hosted Dawn Goehring of Animal Biz Behavior and Training to help teach our Aloha Pawz ohana how to help their pets cope with fireworks during the Fourth of July! Dawn has been teaching owners for twenty-four years on how to positively train their dogs. We had a wonderful turnout and we were excited to be able to reach out to members of the community to share the valuable information Dawn has for dog owners. Together we discussed the importance of showing love and compassion to our pups during these stressful times. By providing treats, toys, and play we learned that our pups will be able to relax and stay focused on activities that make the tails wag instead of hide in fear! Dawn also taught us about counter conditioning. Counter conditioning is a method to help positively train our dogs inpreparation of loud noises like fireworks or gunshots. By using low recorded noises and rewarding them  after with high value food or treats our pups will be able to associate something tasty with scary noises instead of with fear. It was so rewarding to be able to hear about other pets and the similar problems we all share when holidays like the Fourth of July come along. This was just the start of a new series of behavior seminars we will be having at the store! Stay tuned for more!

Here are a few other tips we learned from Dawn to help you and your pet cope with the Fourth of July! 

  • Try to keep your pets safe inside during firework times. However, if your pet is crate or kennel trained make sure they are in a secure area to keep them from being able to run away or injure themselves.
  • Leave the t.v. or radio on at normal noise level to help cover up loud noises, give them their favorite toy to distract them from the outside world.
  • If you are able to prepare in advance! Counter condition your pets by using low volume recorded noises and a very delicious treat to help your pet positively associate loud noises with a reward!  
  • Timing is important! Make sure they receive a treat AFTER they hear or react to the noise.
  • Exercise and tire out your pet during the day before firework times. Take them to their favorite place to walk or play in your yard until the sun goes down!
  • Take your time! Be patient with your pet and don’t forget to show them love. Help them relax with hugs, kisses, or massages to the body and ears.
  •  Holistic healing methods are a great way to help calm anxiety in your pets! Stop by Aloha Pawz and check out our anti anxiety section where we have Thunder Shirts, calming collars and sprays, as well as CBD rich oil and treats. All of our products are safe and easy for you and your pets to use!
  • Consult with your vetinarian if you think pharmaceuticals might be a better option for your pet. No one knows your pet’s health better than their doctor!

Mahalo nui loa to Dawn and to everyone who attended Wednesday’s night seminar. We can’t wait to see you at the next one!



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