Dublin Dog No Stink Collars

Dublin-Dogs-CollarsAloha Pawz carries Dublin Dog No Stink collars. We sought out to bring these specific collars into our store for customers with active dogs that are tired of replacing collars every couple of months due to stink, wear, and tear!
These collars are made in the USA, 100% waterproof, super easy to clean & dry, will not harbor bacteria, ultra durable, and use a sturdy buckle collar.

I have had these collars for both my dogs, Mollie-a Border Cllie mix and Duncan-a King Charles Cavalier because I was tired of ruining collar after collar when my dogs rolled around in chicken manure or I couldn’t get out the stink smell after coming home from the beach. These collars have been the longest lasting collars I have ever had. It’s January 2017 now, and I’ve had the same collars since 2014. (That’s before Aloha Pawz opened!)

Dublin Dog collars range from Small 10”-14” to Large 17”-21.5” and cost between $26-$30.

Get rid of that stinky collar and stop by Aloha Pawz for a Dublin Dog No Stink collar!

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