Hawai’i Island LGBTQ Pride Parade and Festival


Last Saturday, July 30, we celebrated love and diversity at the Hawai’i Island LGBTQ Pride Parade and festival! We had an amazing time meeting all the loving pride pups and their parents! There were so many people and pride puppies dressed up and looking fabulous for the parade and festival that we could not stop smiling until the event came to an end!  We sold our super cute pride cookies from Bubba Rose, treated some special pups to our Polka Dog Alaskan Cod Skins, and shared our mission and dedication to a better nutrition for your pets! This was our first pride event that we attended, and it was so rewarding to be able to celebrate this year’s pride festival theme “Love Activates;” a theme that captures how love has driven people to stand up and call for action. Thinking back to the celebration we realized that love has such fluidity that even our pets despite their owner’s race, religion, sexual orientation or gender are able to show an infinite amount of love, loyalty, and compassion. This is a lesson that we all can learn from. After all, the love of a pet is one of life’s greatest gifts!





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