Mother’s Day at Hawaii Pet Expo 2017


My family surprised me by taking me to O’ahu to visit the Hawaii Pet Expo this past Mother’s Day weekend on O’ahu.

When I arrived at the Blaisdell, there was so much excitement with so many dogs, cats, and even llama’s! The event was free and I finally made it this year!


Now that Aloha Pawz has been opened almost 2 years, I was hopeful to find unique pet supplies and companies that are here in Hawaii. One of the most impressive vendors I visited was MaiPup Hawaii. They have solid colored rope leashes that are both beautiful and durable.

AlohaPawzHawaiiPetExpo2017-1While I was at the Hawaii Pet Expo, I also got to see many friends and vendors I am very familiar with; Poi Dog Treats (amazing single ingredient-Ahi Jerky), and Raw Dog Hawaii (finally got to meet the owners dog!).

Going to the Hawaii Pet Expo, was a wonderful event and helped me visualize putting on a similar event back at home, on the Big Island!AlohaPawzHawaiiPetExpo2017-2

We have so many wonderful pet businesses in Hawaii, and I am so proud to watch this state become more and more paw friendly!

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