Pet Evacuation Resources

PetEvacuationLeilaniLavaFlowIf you are one of the many people affected by the volcanic eruptions in Leilani Estates and you own pets, this information could be useful. As the lava flow spreads and even more fissures develop, Pahoa Community Center is offering shelter for pets (inside carriers) and their owners.

At Aloha Pawz we will be taking Crate donations!!

Crates are needed more than any other pet item for the residents who had to evacuate Leilani Estates. Other items needed for pets are food, anti anxiety remedies, travel bowls, collars, leashes. 30% off items purchased specifically for evacuated residents. We will drop off all donations each Tuesday & Friday.

“If you don’t have a container or are not staying at the shelter contact Mo at the Parks and Recreation Department to find a shelter for your pet at 808-557-7937.
There are 2 options:
1) The Equestrian Center
2) The State Department of Ag Quarantine Station. You will need to take care of the food and water for your pets.” (via Jennifer Ruggles, Facebook).

Here is a list of contact information for places/businesses helping evacuees and their pets:

There is also a temporary donation center set up on the corner of Highway 130 and Pahoa-Kapoho Road.

Check “Hawaii Lava Flow Animal Rescue Network” on Facebook for some updates. There are many other related pages that are consistently posting updates on animal relocation services.

The Office of Jennifer Ruggles has a thread on their Facebook entitled “ANIMAL RELOCATION” that contains many resources and helpful information.

It is also worth noting for those unaware that UBER is providing free rides to evacuation shelters.

Information is constantly being added to these resources, so remain informed and please keep your animals and yourself safe!

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