Pet Safety on July 4th


Fireworks aren’t fun for many pets. Keep your pet safe through July 4th celebrations with these simple tips:

  1. Don’t take your pet along to fireworks displays, they’ll be safer and happier in the security of their home.
  2. Prepare a safe “den” for your pet. If they choose to hide under the bed or somewhere else in the house, allow them to.
  3. Feed your pet before displays begin and keep a special chew or treat on hand as distraction from flashes and noise.
  4. Be sure your dog is tagged or micro chipped in case he or she gets loose or runs away.
  5. Turn on the TV or play music to help drown our outside noises.
  6. Employ products that help to alleviate anxiety-we have many options at Aloha Pawz to help relieve anxiety depending on how your pet responds when they are anxious. Visit our store to find out what product is best for your pet!
  7. Try not to reward anxiety with extra attention. It may be hard not to cuddle or fawn over your pet when he or she is scared, but do your best to ignore anxious behavior or practice distraction techniques to turn their focus away from commotion.


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