Raw Food in Hawaii


Are you searching for an alternative to dry kibble and canned food for your pet? Look no further because we have several raw and organic options to satisfy your animal’s appetite.

There are many benefits to making the switch to a raw food diet. One of the common reasons why pet owners decide to change their dog’s diet is allergies.

There are many irritants in this environment, so simplifying what your pet eats and cutting out grains, starches, and other fillers can be an integral step in supporting a healthy lifestyle for your animals.

RawDogHawaiiBeefPattiesRaw Dog Hawaii provides the majority of our raw diet products. They are a Hawaii based company that makes organically sourced, non GMO, healthy raw food. They pride themselves on their simple ingredients and high quality of their products. Testimonies and much more useful information on raw food can be found on their website: https://rawdoghawaii.com/.

We also carry freeze-dried raw food for your dog and cat made by a Wisconsin-based company named Stella and Chewy’s.

You should always be safe and conscious of proper sanitation while handling raw food. Here is a helpful guide from the FDA to safe practices if you choose to feed your animal raw meat.

Even if you aren’t feeding your pet raw food, when you shop at Aloha Pawz you can rest assured that we strive to provide the highest quality kibble, treats, and canned food containing the least amount of unnecessary ingredients as possible.

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