Raw Pet Food Now at Aloha Pawz!


It has been a dream of ours to get a freezer into Aloha Pawz so we can offer raw food to our customers. We are always looking for nutritious items to carry in our store that will give your pet a happier and healthier life and we knew the next step was to carry Raw pet food. To put it simply, feeding your pets raw food is the most nutritious form of food for your dog or cat and that is exactly the type of products we want to carry at Aloha Pawz.

Once we receive our freezer, we were disheartened to find that it had been damaged. However, when plans don’t turn out how we thought, at Aloha Pawz, we simply hug our dog and stay positive!

A few weeks later we got a shiny new freezer and earlier this week, Raw Dog Hawaii products arrived!

Raw Dogs Hawai We have chicken, grass-fed beef, a blend of chicken & grass-fed beef, and wild Maui venison. They come in the form of nuggets, chubs, and patties. We also carry a variety of bones! We also have Green Tripe that is great to help aid digestion, and sliced beef liver which can be added to a petsʻs regular diet to add vitamins and probiotics!

Raw Dog Hawaii, is a Hawaii Raw Food company that sells organic raw dog food as well as cat treats! Their organic raw dog food is great for all pets and can especially help with dogs that have allergies and digestive problems.

At Aloha Pawz, we are proud to carry Raw Dog, not only because it’s raw, but to also carry an organic brand made from ingredients right here in Hawaii.

If you have questions on feeding raw food, please contact us at 808-333-3530 or stop by Aloha Pawz. We’re open 9am-6pm at 697 Manono Marketplace, Hilo.

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