So Many “Thanks” this Thanksgiving!


As the Aloha Pawz team gets ready for this Thanksgiving week, I want to pause and reflect on all the wonderful things happening with Aloha Pawz and how much we have to be thankful for!

I have 2 dogs, Mollie and Duncan, and 2 cats, Alani and Chunky McLovin’ and couldn’t be more thankful for them. These 4 are my initial reasons for Aloha Pawz! They have been the ones that give me comfort in knowing that I am running a store filled with nothing but products that will help me give them the best life possible!

They are the ones curled up on my lap late nights while I work, wake me up early in the morning with nothing but happiness to start my day (maybe it’s because it’s feeding time, but I pretend it’s me), and force me to take breaks and longs walks in the middle of long working days! And they have never judged me for not being my best, in fact I think they love it more because they get me snuggled with them on the floor.

I am also thankful for the humans in the Aloha Pawz world, the Aloha Pawz team. Mishell (and her cairn terrier, Ruby) Rob, and Jessi, are an incredibly small but mighty team that works hard every day to make sure each of our customers and their pets are taken care of. They have made a tremendous impact on what Aloha Pawz is today and for that, I am so grateful! I’ve worked on many teams in my experience and I am so thankful this one genuinely cares for each other and always does what is best to help each other out.

A huge mahalo (thank you) for a couple more humans that do more for Aloha Pawz than most people know, and that is my husband, Kris Speegle, and son Nakoamana Speegle. I am beyond words, incredibly thankful for the support and motivation I get from my family. Running a family-owned business is not known to be easy but with these two, I’m pretty sure I have it easier than most. For that, my heart is filled this Thanksgiving because of them.

More than anything, I would like to extend the most heartfelt “Thank you!” to our wonderful customers and their pets! Aloha Pawz, simply wouldn’t be here without you. We truly do have the best customers, and we are so happy we are here to serve you and your pets. I’m so moved to see how many people in our community care for their dogs and cats as their own ‘ohana (family) and want to thank you for supporting Aloha Pawz, and sharing your “favorite children” with us!

Thank you and may you have a very Happy Thanksgiving! ~Paulla Speegle

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